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Fitness Specialist:  Life can get in the way of everyone’s exercise program from time-to-time, and your Specialist is there to help you through those rough times with motivating phone calls when you miss workouts, encouraging emails when you’re struggling nutritionally and reassurance when it seems like your goals are insurmountable.

Accountability:  Each CoreFit client is assigned to his or her own Fitness Specialist who oversees each aspect of the weight loss program.  Clients are assigned to a specific Specialist based on their goals, personality, and special needs to ensure a great working relationship.

Full Body Assessment:  Numbers never lie, and this is certainly true with your body fat measurement.  Weekly body fat assessments with your Fitness Specialist can reassure you if you’re achieving your goals and motivate you if you’re falling short.

Exercise Plan:  Your Fitness Specialist will design a workout for you based on your unique goals and lifestyle.

Nutrition Plans:  Individual nutritional plans are set forth by your Fitness Specialist based on your unique fitness and body composition goals.  Weekly food log analysis ensures that you follow the nutritional changes necessary to achieve your goals in the shortest time possible and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Workout Log Review:  Your Fitness Specialist will review your weekly workout log to ensure you are on the right track to hitting your desired fitness goals.

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